Clean, fast to lay, low-cost and excellently adherent! That are the tactile guidance systems of TaktiFloor.

Our product line “Taktiplast” made of plastics probably is the product series with the most flexible application that exists in the area of tactile, palpable floor guidance systems.

It is not only adaptable to all circumstances on-site but, of course, it is also possible to design the tactile guidance system in your preferred colour. Basically, you can choose from the whole palette of the RAL colour standard.

We can already deliver most of our systems self-adhesive to you. That allows our customers to install their own guidance system by themselves, wherever it is needed.

For this, we use hardened VHB glues, which resist even a permanent mechanical cleaning without any problems.


Where you have needed an extensive adhesive technique so far, you can now simply subtract the foil and fix the guidance system on the surface.

That safes costs and working time and makes the laying to a clean activity.

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