Stair markings

Stair markings

Foto: Spiralförmiger Stiegenabgang mit leichtenden Stufenkanten

Especially for humans with visual impairment, stairs are difficult to recognise. Therefore, each the first and the last step of a flight of stairs must be contrastily marked. Moreover, anti-slip stair markings increase the slip safety for all users.

In order that persons who come from downstairs can also well recognise the first step, additionally to the footstep, the riser should be also marked.

At a high customer frequency, we recommend the installation of stair markings with a special, long-living stair marking colour, which can be easily fixed by oneself.

Tip! A product, which safely guides persons in complete darkness and in an emergency situation, is the photoluminescent, afterglowing stair marking of the brand Glowway. 


  • Avoidance of accidents
  • Monument conservation - compatible
  • Slip safety
  • Can be low-priced installed subsequently
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