Audio and video guides

Audio and video guides

Possible applications

  • Guidances through cities, buildings, fairs, exhibitions and museums
  • Description of monuments, exhibits, auxiliary systems
  • Mediation of touristic, cultural and historical contents
  • Special preparation of contents for blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired and deaf persons persons with learning difficulties
  • Translation into all foreign languages
  • Translation into sign language (German / English / international)
Foto: Frau bedient einen Audio-Video Guide

Product on CD, DVD, special video or audio format for your website, as a download for your customers, as a mobile guide or permanently installed station.


From the concept idea to the storyboard, from the studio production or outdoor shots to the technical realisation. We have a modern recording studio as well as the necessary technical equipment for productions on-site. We are also happy to provide professional speakers, journalistic support for your texts, music, etc.

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