nora tactil

nora tactil

The new tactile floor covering “nora tactil” was developed as a result of a collective initiative of nora flooring systems Austria and TaktiFloor.

Together, we have succeeded to create an innovative and technologically mature product, which builds up on the existing, high-quality floor coverings of nora floor and is available in a broad range (in colour) of combination possibilities.

Mutually, we have managed to give “nora tactil” an unmistakable identity by developing a product that pleases our customers through excellent functionality and ergonomics and also meets all requirements of the target group at the same time.

The idea behind this was to realise the floor coverings of nora flooring approved for decades in a new application area.

Thereby, it was especially important for us that the installation of nora tactil can be carried out easily and uncomplicatedly. Nora tactil is laid together with the floor that has to be laid anyway and no additional working steps are necessary.

The planning where exactly the tactile guidance system nora tactil shall be laid already takes place in advance and is carried out by our specialists.

This means for our customers that they can get everything from a single source, without additional efforts and with the guarantee of a perfectly implemented project.

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