An optimal orientation system usable for all customers is the business card of each company. It must meet a modern architecture design and the highest possible functionality.

The door signs of the Taktisign line of TaktiFloor can be planned, produced and delivered made of plastic, glass, plexiglass, metal or of different carrier materials, depending on customer wishes. On request, our installation experts also take over the installation at your building.

Equipped with tactile script and braille script or pictograms, our signs allow it not only for sighted persons to orientate but also blind and visually impaired receive the possibility to independently orientate themselves in the building. They facilitate the quick and safe locating of office, seminar, sanitary or event rooms.

All signs are integrated into a logical overall concept by us and are individually adjusted with the customer on his needs.

Therefore, there are no limits set for your wishes, as the signs can be produced in almost every size, colour and form.

Here, we have prepared some examples in our info folder and have added some additional information to them for a better understanding.

We are happy to send you our info folder.

Just send us your e-mail and you will receive our info folder directly per e-mail to your post box from us.

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