Handlaufschild montiert

Taktirails werden auch als Handlaufinformationsschilder bezeichnet. Mit den Taktirails von TaktiFloor, ausgestattet mit tastbarer Normalschrift (Pyramidenschrift) und Brailleschrift, erleichtern diese es sehbehinderten und blinden Menschen sich zu orientieren.

Selbstverständlich gestalten wir auf Ihren Wunsch hin die Handlaufinformationsschilder auch kontrastreich. Dabei gibt es unterschiedliche, farbliche Kombinationsmöglichkeiten.

Taktirails are also called handrail information signs. With the Taktirails of TaktiFloor, equipped with a tactile normal script (pyramid script) and braille script, it is easier to orientate for visually impaired and blind persons.

Of course, we can also design the handrail information signs rich in contrast by your request. In doing so, there are different combination possibilities in terms of colour.

Taktirails contribute that all, also sighted persons, can orientate themselves more quickly. They facilitate the locating of the desired floor, of entrances and exits, lifts, stairs, service facilities or transportation means.

Taktirails auf Handlauf aus Holz

According to your wishes, we can plan, produce and install your Taktirails made of aluminum or plastic.

A production with the 3D printing process on a self-adhesive foil is also possible and represents a cheap alternative to the previous manufacturing methods.

We are happy to advise you on the colour choice and the different fields of application.

Call us or send us a message. The benefits are clear!

  • Optimal visibility for sighted and visually impaired persons
  • Quick orientation and information for all humans
  • Individual adaptation on your infrastructure
  • Call attention to barriers and dangers

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